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Sunday, 23 September 2007

quality, factors that determine. The quality of a diamond can be rated only when the following factors have been analyzed: carat weight; propor­tions and finish (cutting); clarity, or imperfection, grade; color grade; and shape, or style of cutting. See


quarter. A common abbreviation for a quarter carat.

quartz. Silicon dioxide (SiCh), hexa­gonal, hardness 7, S.G. 2.65, R.I. 1.544-1.553, birefringence 0.009, dispersion 0.013. One of the most common and widelydistributed minerals. Sometimes used as a dia­mond simulant.

quasima diamond. A misnomer used in Arabia for rock crystal.

Quebec diamond. A misnomer for rock crystal.

Queen Elizabeth Pink diamond. See


Queen Frederica diamond. An en­graved, wafer-thin, colorless dia­mond, weighing slightly less than two carats and measuring 7 x 10 mm. It bears the portrait of Frederica Louisa Wilhelmina, wife of William I, Prince of Orange and the first king of the Netherlands. She was the great-great grandmother of present Queen Juliana. The stone is owned by Max Fine & Sons, Inc., New York City, in which family it has been since 1920.

Queen of Albania diamond. Repor­tedly, this 49.03-carat pear-shape be­longed to Geraldine, Queen of Albania and was put up for auction at Christie's, London, in 1960. How­ever, bids were below the acceptable minimum and Christie's bid in at $182,000 to protect the owner. Its ownership and whereabouts are un­known today. Some gem historians speculate that the Queen of Albania is the P/'gott.

Queen of Belgium diamond. This 40-carat emerald-cut diamond was

formerly a 50-carat cushion-shaped stone that belonged to Queen Marie Henrietta of Belgium, wife of King Leopold II. It had been given to her by her mother, the wife of Archduke loseph, Palatine of Hungary. In its 40-carat version, the Queen of Bel­gium was once handled by Harry Winston, New York City gem dealer, but its present location and owner are not known. Alternate names: La Reine diamond, La Reine Des Beiges diamond, and Des Beiges diamond.

Queen of Holland diamond. A 136.25-carat cushion-cut brilliant, described as an "intense blue." It was cut in Amsterdam in 1904 and was owned there for many years by the firm of F. Friedman. In 1925, it was exhibited at the Paris Exposition of Arts and Industry. Later, it was sold by a Paris jeweler to an Indian maharaiah for an estimated $1,000,000. The present whereabouts of this diamond are not known. Queensland. See Australia


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